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About Tyco

Customer Care

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Customers are our absolute priority.  Our customer care charter is made up of 4 areas of responsibility for each of our employees.  These are behaviour, performance, communication and competence.


•  To be courteous & respectful to colleagues & customers
•  To treat our colleagues & customers fairly and professionally
•  To be willing to assist you & be responsive to your needs


•  Promptly answer incoming calls, giving a personal introduction
•  Promptly reply to customers messages taken on behalf of colleagues
•  Advise you of the name & position of the person responsible for any subsequent action or contact
•  Provide timely oral & written advice which is clear, concise, accurate & complete


•  Focus on our overall performance to ensure continued customer satisfaction
•  Put matters right as speedily as possible if we get something wrong
•  Use your feedback to improve our products & services


•  Demonstrate professional competence in providing advice on all our services & products
•  Work in a safe manner, taking care of our colleagues, you, your property and the environment
•  Deliver a timely & consistent quality of service which conforms to your expectations