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About Tyco

Our History


Every moment of every day Tyco is doing something vital, strengthening our company, helping our customers to succeed and improving the lives of people around the world. 

Our history – over 120 years protecting life, property and the environment.

Our organisation was first created in 1845 under the name of Mather & Platt. By 1883 having acquired the manufacturing rights to the Grinnell sprinkler outside of the USA, our organisation developed a global fire protection company spanning the four continents of Europe, Asia, Africa and South America.

By 1889 Sir John Wormald of Mather & Platt enlisted the aid of his brothers in Australia to create a distributorship for the Grinnell sprinkler. The Wormald brothers went on to develop a fire protection empire of their own and in 1976 they acquired Mather & Platt, which had created them nearly 100 years before.

Wormald International Limited had grown by acquisition into a US$1 billion organisation by 1990 when it decided to join the Tyco family. This merger brought the entire world’s foundling fire protection companies all back together again to become one truly global fire & security organisation spanning all five continents of the world.

When Arther J. Rosenburg, PhD founded Tyco in 1960 by opening a research laboratory for the purpose of carrying out experimental work for the government he could barely have imagined that the changes in focus the organisation made would provide thousands of vitally important products and services serving millions of customers in over 100 countries.

Our name was changed from Tyco Laboratories, Inc to Tyco International Ltd. in 1993 to reflect Tyco’s truly global presence. In early 1998, ADT joined the Tyco family as part of its Fire and Safety Services Group.

Tyco International today

On 29th of June 2007, Tyco spun off its electronics and healthcare businesses into two independently publicly held companies. Tyco Electronics and Covidien (formerly Tyco Healthcare) now operate totally separately from Tyco, with their own board of directors, CEO management and staff and financial structure.

The new Tyco International is a leading provider of fire protection, security and safety products and services, flow control products as well as electrical and metal products, with annual revenues of more than $18 billion. We are passionate about delivering quality, innovation and performance to make our customers lives easier, safer and better. Take a further look at what we’ve got to offer and you’ll see what makes Tyco such a vital part of your world.

115,000 people
Revenue $18.2 billion (2007)
Operating in over 60 countries
Serving customers in over 100 countries
Providing thousands of vitally important products and services

Historic Timeline

1882 - Frederick Grinnell patented his automatic sprinkler
1883 - Mather + Platt purchased the rights to the Grinnell Sprinkler outside the US
1889 - Wormald Brothers distributed the Grinnell Sprinkler in Australasia on behalf of Mather + Platt
1911 - Wormald Brothers form a Limited Company selling fire protection
1960 - Tyco Inc formed with two primary holdings, Tyco Semiconductor and the Materials Research Laboratory
1964 - Tyco becomes a publicly owned company
1974 - Tyco acquire Simplex Technologies
1976 - Wormald acquire the Mather + Platt Group that included Atlas Fire Engineering and Grinnell Firekil
1976 - Tyco acquires Grinnell Fire Protection Systems
1978 - Wormald acquire Ansul
1986 - Wormald Ansul (UK) Ltd is created
1989 - Wormald Engineering is created out of its parent company, Wormald Ansul (UK) Ltd.
1990 - Tyco acquire Wormald International Ltd including Wormald Ansul (UK) Ltd.
1996 - Tyco acquire Thorn Security
1997 - Tyco acquire ADT
1999 - Tyco acquire AMP
2000 - Wormald Engineering re-named to Tyco Engineering Services
2000 - Wormald Ansul (UK) Ltd. acquire Prestaroy Ltd.
2001 - Wormald Ansul (UK) Ltd. acquire Spector Lumenex Ltd. and Rhomax Engineering Ltd.
2002 - Wormald Ansul (UK) Ltd. acquire How Fire Protection
2005 - Wormald Ansul (UK) Ltd changes its name to Tyco Fire & Integrated Solutions (UK) Ltd and brings the following heritage brands under its umbrella: Grinnell Firekil, Atlas Fire, How Fire, Mather + Platt, Tyco Engineering Services, Spector Lumenex, Rhomax Engineering