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Kitchen Protection


From restaurants to fast food retail outlets, commercial kitchens are one of the most highly susceptible fire risk areas imaginable.Statistics from the Department of Communities and Local Government (DGLC) reveal the majority of restaurant and catering establishment fires within the hotel and leisure industry involved high risk equipment such as fryers, griddles, ranges and ventilation ducts.

Tyco Fire & Integrated Solutions has a wide range of products to overcome this potential fire threat, such as our Ansul R-102 restaurant fire suppression system that is incorporated in all the worlds leading "Fast Food" outlets, restaurants and hotel kitchens as a standard fire protection requirement.

The Ansul R-102 system utilises a potassium carbonate based solution as a Wet Chemical Extinguishing agent that is discharged as fine droplets into a protected area. The main extinguishing action is by cooling caused by the heat of vaporisation.

The fine spray discharge prevents the dangerous splash of hot grease or thermal shock damage to cooking appliances. Re-ignition is prevented by saponification, a process in which the wet chemical agent combines with the grease to form a soapy layer at the surface of grease to seal off the fuel from the oxygen, allowing the grease to cool to below its auto-ignition temperature.

For more detailed information relating to kitchen fire suppression systems contact tfis.food.uk@tycoint.com

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