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Refurbishments & Extensions

refurbs & extensions

Tyco Fire & Integrated Solutions have 12 Fast Response Fire Protection Centres throughout the UK and Ireland supported by dedicated engineers who specialise in a wide range of fire protection disciplines involving refurbishments and extensions.

Our management systems are so precise that they can illustrate at a glance how many fast response contracts our engineers within the various regions have completed.

For example, over a typical twelve month period, 50% of our regional offices have each completed over 650 fast response contracts whilst some of the larger regional offices have completed in excess of over 1,000 contracts.

Whether your requirement is part of a planned contract or as a result of an unplanned crisis, we have the resources to in place to solve your problem in the shortest of time-scales. From the moment we commence work on your project, we provide you with “Complete Peace of Mind”. Our Engineers provide detailed reports on work-in-progress as part of our Key Performance Indicator management programme. These reports provide our customers with physical evidence that their project is developing to the time-scale agreed.

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