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training - office shot

Legislation requires that site personnel and staff be trained in the location and use of fire fighting equipment. Tyco Fire & Integrated Solutions can offer a wide range of tutored or web based, e-learning self-managed training courses.  These training courses are available for industrial & commercial, marine and oil & gas market sectors.

They are all designed to minimise the impact that training requirements have on your business, in terms of disruption, down time, management and administration.

Training Courses

Confined Space Entry

Confined Space Entry

With a dedicated training suite onsite at our facility, we offer confined space entry courses carried out by manufacturer trained and certified instructors, which are not only cost effective but from a supplier you ...more

Face Fit Testing

Face Fit Testing

Tyco Fire & Integrated Solutions are able to offer Quantitative Face Fit Testing in line with HSE Protocol 282/28 which relies on the wearer's subjective assessment of face seal leakage...more

extinguishers powder

Fire Extinguisher Training

These courses are designed for employees who may have to use a fire extinguisher in Offices, shops or industrial premises or for employees who are required to act as Fire Marshalls. ...more

extinguishers foam

Fire Marshall Training

Fire Marshall training enables designated employees to assist management in fulfilling their responsibilities in departmental fire prevention...more

Breathing Apparatus

Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus

Tyco Fire & Integrated Solutions provide hands-on training in the use of Self-contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA) equipment...more

Atmosphere Confined Space

Atmosphere Testing Training

Tyco Fire & Integrated Solutions provide your employees with in-depth hands-on training in the operation and understanding of atmosphere testing equipment and the limitations...more

Rescue team 1

Emergency First Aid Training

Ensuring correct care is given to a casualty can often be lifesaving.  Tyco Fire & Integrated Solutions can provide emergency first aid training...more