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Banking & Finance

Banking & Finance

In the highly competitive banking and finance industry, customers are increasingly looking for flexible ways of banking and investment. As a result, banks, building societies and financial investment groups operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week working to demanding schedules.

Millions of financial transactions a day place a heavy reliance on the electronic infrastucture. Any unscheduled halt to this infrastructure caused by a fire, could have a dramatic affect on customer relationships and business continuity.

Banking & Finance Fast Facts

To ensure that the banking and finance industry meet their delivery objectives, Tyco Fire & Integrated Solutions have developed a robust and reliable range of integrated fire, security and safety systems with a proven track record of use within this “Business Critical” industry. Factors like these, coupled with our ability to complete projects on time and every time, make us the perfect choice to bank on, for all your fire and safety requirements.

During the past 12months we have:

•  Completed over 350 UK projects involving Sprinkler, Fire Detection & Alarm, Gaseous Fire Suppression and High Pressure Water Mist systems along with Fire, Security and Automated Access Doors and Fire Extinguishers.
•  Protected over 80% of the world’s Banking & Financial Institutions from the threat of fire and theft.
•  Protected over 1,000 Data Centres throughout the world with INERGEN gaseous fire suppression systems.
•  Signed Global Partnerships with more than nine world leading Banking & Financial Institutions.

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