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Advances in medical science have provided us with a quality of life and expectancy that was beyond the imagination of our forefathers. As our healthcare expectations continue to grow, so does the demand for quality. The reputation of a Hospital or care home is built on its ability to provide excellent medical treatment and personal care.

Our Healthcare Industry Fast Facts:

Tyco Fire & Integrated Solutions understands the unique requirements of a busy Hospital environment. Business continuity is vital in order to keep pace with a daily patient care programme. It is a programme that cannot tolerate cancelled appointments or operationsdue to business disruption.

With this in mind, Tyco Fire & Integrated Solutions have developed a range of fire, security and safety products specifically for the healthcare industry that improve patient care and enhance staff productivity. From a hospital to a care home, we can provide a single stand alone system or a fully integrated fire and safety system in a network configuration of virtually unlimited size, capable of spanning an entire Hospital. 

In the last 12months we have completed:

•  70 Fire Detection & Alarm projects
•  35 Sprinkler and High Pressure Water Mist projects
•  20 INERGEN gaseous suppression system projects
•  10 Muli-purpose fire, security and Industrial door projects
•  5 R102 Kitchen Fire Suppression projects

Healthcare Safety Products



Fire, Security & Industrial Doors

For over 120 years, Tyco Fire and Integrated Solutions have been dedicated to providing specialist solutions in the design, testing, manufacture, installation. more

detection analogue

Fire Detection & Alarm

Tyco Fire & Integrated Solutions provide a wide range of Fire Detection and Alarm packages for both new build and upgrades to existing premises.. more

extinguishers water

Fire Extinguishers

Tyco Fire & Integrated Solutions provide a comprehensive range of high quality, cost-effective fire extinguishers, hose reels, stands and cabinets that are designed... more


Fire Sprinklers

Tyco Fire & Integrated solutions provide “Shell & Core Build” and “Fit-out” sprinkler packages to customers in over 17 different vertical markets to all international ...more

Inergen Premier System

Gaseous Fire Suppression

We are a leading inert and chemical gaseous fire suppression systems provider whose “track record” for providing “long term sustainable” gaseous fire suppression ..more

microdrop nozzles


Watermist is ideally suited to combat a wide variety of fires ranging from ordinary combustibles to even the most demanding hydrocarbon liquid...more