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Power Generation & Utilities


Balancing the demand, second by second, for the supply of gas, electricity and water to businesses and homes is a daunting task. It involves three major processes, Generation, Transmission and Distribution. Disruption to supplies during any one of these processes would be intolerable and very costly.

For over 120 years, Tyco Fire & Integrated Solutions have been working in partnership with the Power Generation and Utility companies to safeguard their facilities from the threat of fire.

As a result, we have created an enviable international reputation for the complete service and support of special hazard integrated fire solutions. During the past 12 months our specialist teams based in Dudley and Manchester have completed over 1,000 projects for the power and utilities special hazard industry.

We have design, engineering and manufacturing expertise in mechanical and electrical fire disciplines, together with project management skills. Our installation, service and commissioning staff are all in-house trained.

Partnering/ Alliance Arrangements

Tyco Fire and Integrated Solutions have adopted the basic principles of partnering on all contracts, whether on a formal contractual basis or informally. This has resulted in the development of non-adversarial relationships, which maximise the success of projects - to the benefit of all.

Safety and the Environment

We regard safety as paramount to the continued success of our company and our partnering/alliance arrangements. Therefore, all employees adhere to stringent safety procedures and controls to guarantee that our exemplary safety record is strictly maintained.

Power Generation & Utilities Safety Products



Fire, Security & Industrial Doors

For over 120 years, Tyco Fire and Integrated Solutions have been dedicated to providing specialist solutions in the design, testing, manufacture, installation. more

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Fire Detection & Alarm

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Fire Extinguishers

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Fire Sprinklers

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Inergen Premier System

Gaseous Fire Suppression

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