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Traffic & Transportation

traffic & Transportation

You may not realise it, but our traffic fire and safety control systems play an indispensable role in your everyday life. Every journey you make, from where you shop, to where you drop. From where you take off, to where you land. At work or at play, every single day, we make travelling as efficient and safe as possible in every corner of the world.

Our UK Traffic & Transportation Fast Facts

As a leading provider of traffic fire and safety control systems, Tyco Fire & Integrated Solutions share a common goal to be the best, to make a difference.

•  Protected over 18 UK civil and military airports (350 throughout the world).
•  Annually complete over 179 Traffic & Transportation projects involving Sprinkler, Fire Detection & Alarm, Gaseous Fire Suppression and High Pressure Water Mist systems along with Fire, Security and Automated Access Doors and Fire Extinguishers.
•  Installed over 10,000 sprinklers, 1000 Fire Hydrants and 10 Kilometres of High Pressure Watermist systems in Underground Stations and Rail Tunnels.
•  Installed over 100 miles of Linear Heat fire detection systems in escalators and travelators within the UK.
•  Supplied fire detection and suppression systems in the self powered Diesel Passenger trains and regularly overhaul them for all the major Rail Transport providers.
•  Our Communication systems are utilised by London's Metropolitan Police, London Underground, Transport for London and Docklands Light Railway.
•  Supplied Automatic Number Plate Recognition cameras for the City Of London's Congestion Charge Scheme
•  Installed traffic control CCTV cameras in all the major road tunnels and on all the main highways and motorways for local and central Highways Authorities.  

Traffic & Transportation Safety Products



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