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Fire & Smoke Doors



Tyco fire & Integrated Solutions provide a wide range of Leaf Constructed Fire Doors, Roller Shutter Doors and Smoke Curtains fitted into compartment walls to confine an outbreak of fire to the smallest area. They are designed to resist the intense heat applied to one side of the door without excessive distortion, and prevent the ignition of combustible materials in the adjoining area.

The different types of Fire & Smoke doors available are:

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Leaf Constructed Steel Fire Doors

Our versatile range of single, double, horizontal and vertical sliding leaf constructed steel doors have fire ratings ranging from 1 – 4 hours...more

Fire Resistant Roller Shutters

Constructed from 75 mm wide x 20 SWG curled interlocking galvanised steel laths with steel end locks, these doors have fire ratings ranging from...more

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Pyroshield System G Rolling Fire Shutter

This unique 3 hour fire rated insulated roller shutter is specifically designed for use in retail outlets within large open plan shopping malls...more

SD3 Smoke Curtain

The SD3 Smoke Curtain is specifically designed for use in large open plan shopping malls, exhibition Halls and leisure facilities frequented by...more

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Irrigated Fire Curtain

This “unique” four hour rated fire door system that combines cost effectiveness with unparalleled safety for people and property is primarily...more