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Industrial & Commercial



Tyco Fire & Integrated Solutions provide a wide range of Fire Detection and Alarm packages for both new build and upgrades to existing premises.  Using our “In-house knowledge,” design capability, and extensive product range, our design engineers and project management teams can provide a bespoke solution that is perfectly matched to your individual fire risk and environmental conditions.

These solutions vary from a basic “Stand Alone” compact fire detection & alarm system for smaller applications through to a fully integrated analogue addressable networked to a large Building Management System.

To support our belief in our products and systems, we have embraced an "OPEN PROTOCOL" policy for our system software.  This "Passport to total peace of mind" ensures that our customers are not "locked-in" to long term Service and Maintenance agreements created by "CLOSED PROTOCOL" equipment. This policy confirms our commitment to raising standards and quality.

Tyco Fire & Integrated Solutions fully endorses the National Fire Brigade CFOA RMFAS Policy on the reduction of unwanted false alarms. Our LPS 1014 approval ensures that every aspect of our work is independently audited and that our products and services meet the most stringent requirements.

The different systems available are:

detection analogue

Analogue Addressable fire detection and alarm systems

Tyco Fire and Integrated Solutions Analogue Addressable Fire Alarm Systems are provided under the brand names of Discovery and Voyager... more


Conventional Systems

The CB200 conventional panel may be supplied in 1, 2, 4 or 8 zone formats. It complies with the requirements of EN54 Part 2.  All zones and alarm circuits are...more