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Tyco Fire & Integrated Solutions Power & Exports can provide a comprehensive range of high quality, cost-effective Fire Extinguishers, Hose Reels, Stands and Cabinets to suit the most hostile High Hazard environment anywhere in the World. Our Fire Extinguishers are designed and manufactured to meet the Fire Authority Approval requirements of the United Kingdom, EU and USA etc.

Our Fire Extinguisher Environmental Policy makes others GREEN with envy.

Tyco Fire & Integrated Solutions take our social responsibilities very seriously and we are doing our best to care for the World we live in. As you are probably aware, recent changes in legislation now prevent the disposal of Foam (AFFF) through water drainage systems.

This is because chemical elements present in the Foam do not break down. These chemical elements can find their way into the ground water systems. The pollution created has even been detected in drinking water supplies (visit www.environment-agency.gov.uk for details). Where there is no Class B risk present, we will install Water Based Extinguishers to lessen the impact of AFFF on the environment.

Equally, it is vital that powder used in some extinguishers is disposed of through certified agencies to prevent environmental contamination. We are committed to assisting our customers to reduce the impact of meeting these legal requirements and make them as painless as possible.

The different types of extinguishers available are:

extinguishers water

Water & Water Additives

Water Extinguishers are suitable for Class A fires caused by the combustion of solid materials, mainly of organic origin such as: Wood, Paper, Straw, Textiles...more

extinguishers foam

Foam Spray

Foam Spray Extinguishers (AFFF – Aqueous Film Forming Foam) are best suited for Class B flammable liquid risks where they represent a direct hazard....more

extinguishers co2

Carbon Dioxide

Carbon Dioxide Extinguishers are suitable for class B risks involving flammable liquids and are best choice for general electrical hazards. ...more

Dry Powder

Dry Powder Fire Extinguishers are suitable for mixed fire risk environments and are especially suited for flammable liquids and fires involving flammable gases...more

extinguishers chemical

Wet Chemical (class F)

These Extinguishers have been specially produced for Class F fire risks involving cooking oils....more