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Anti-Slip Products



Through Safeguard Technology, Tyco provide aggressive Hi-Traction Safety Covers for use on Steps, Walkways, Decks and Ladder Rungs on Offshore Oil and Gas Drilling and Production Platforms, ensuring slip prevention in even the most hazardous, wet, slippery and oily environments.

Step Covers

Step Covers

Most slips on steps occur at the leading edge of the step especially when the metal, wood or concrete surface...more


Walkways & Platforms

Safeguard anti-slip walkway covers can turn walkways, platforms and ramps into safer non-skid zones.  more

Ladder Rungs

Ladder Rungs

Ladders are notorious for slip problems.  Tyco can provide two types of ladder rung covers to ensure that we are meeting all your safety needs.  more

Pipe Cable Covers

Pipe & Cable Covers

These covers are specifically engineered for providing a non-slip surface for foot traffic over exposed wires, pipes, conduit and cables.  more