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Fire Protection Equipment



Tyco Fire & Integrated Solutions can provide protective equipment for firefighters in the fire service as well as to Airport, Marine and Industrial firefighting teams.  A comprehensive range of PPE includes Fire Coats and Fire Trousers, Helmets, Hoods, Gloves and Boots.


Fire Fighting Jackets & Trousers

Tyco Fire & Integrated Solutions provide a wide range of fire fighting jackets and trousers to meet customer needs.  more

Fire Boots

Fire Fighting Boots

We have a wide range of Fire Fighters Boots available.  more

Fire Gloves

Fire Fighting Gloves

Tyco Fire & Integrated Solutions have a wide range of Fire Fighting Gloves to provide exceptional protection in hazardous situations.  more


Anti-Flash Hoods

Anti-flash Hoods offer extra head and neck protection to fire fighters.  more

Fire Helmet

Fire Fighting Helmets

Tyco Fire & Integrated Solutions offer the latest in safety combined with technology.  more