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Tyco Fire & Integrated Solutions has unrivalled knowledge and experience in the application of Marine sprinkler systems. Back in 1933 we achieved a notable “first” when we installed the first sprinkler system onboard the marine passenger ship Princess Maud.

Today, our marine sprinkler “fast facts” speak for themselves. We have protected over 80% of the world’s passenger ship and currently install an average of 5,000 sprinkler heads per ship.

We have remained the marine industry market leader for over 75 years through our commitment to the development of “best practice” design, project management and the most complex “New Build” or “Refurbishment  project can be completed in record time with the minimum of disruption In port, at sea and in the dockyard.

Tyco Fire & Integrated Solutions can offer both “Wet” and “Dry” sprinkler systems. The type of sprinkler system used is determined by the Ship’s owner, the class/regulatory requirement of the ship and its shipping route. Marine regulatory requirements are governed by Lloyds Register of Shipping, the Marine Safety Agency and IMO Solas.

The different types of systems available are:

Sprinkler Industrial Commercial Wet Valve

Wet valve systems

Marine Wet valve sprinkler systems comprise a lightweight control valve conventional pendent spray and upright spray sprinklers and...more

Sprinkler Dry System Control Valve

Dry valve systems

Marine Dry valve sprinkler systems are usually installed at the request of the Ship’s owner, or to meet the requirements of Lloyds Register of Shipping, the Marine...more