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Power Gen / Transmission



Depending on the type of fire risk and working environment involved, Tyco Fire & Integrated solutions can provide a wide range of low, medium and high expansion foam systems designed to the latest British Standard and NFPA approvals.

We have dedicated foam system design engineers and project management teams working exclusively in “preferred supplier partnerships” within the petrochemical, pharmaceutical, retail warehousing, and aviation industries. 

Our commitment to the development of “best practice” foam system design ensures the most rapid, fire “knockdown” using the minimum amount of water.  This in turn ensures that the amount of hazardous fire effluent is significantly reduced and that the subsequent cost of legislative firewater run off containment is also significantly reduced.

These factors make foam fire protection systems ideal for combating fires within Power Generation, Petrochemical and Pharmaceutical Plants and Packaged Gas Turbines

The different types of systems available are:

Foam Enhanced & Deluge Systems

Foam Enhanced Sprinkler and Deluge Systems generally tend to utilise AFFF or  3 x 3 alcohol resistant low expansion foam for applications ...more

Low Expansion Foam Systems

These systems are ideal for the protection of indoor process areas and truck loading racks within power transmission, petrochemical and...more

Medium Expansion Foam Systems

Medium-expansion foam is an aggregation of bubbles resulting from the mechanical expansion of a foam solution by air or other...more

High Expansion Foam Systems

High Expansion Foam Systems are generally used to protect indoor or compartmented hazardous areas involving ...more

Hot Foam Systems

Hot Foam systems supplied by Tyco Fire & Integrated Solutions are especially convenient for use within Power & Transmission...more