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Gas Detection



Tyco Fire & Integrated Solutions provide both single gas and multigas monitors for personal monitoring and portable safety applications providing protection against a wide range of gas hazards.  The products that we have to offer monitor for flammable gases, oxygen and an extensive range of toxic gases meeting the safety monitoring requirements of a broad range of different industries.

A key element of regulations is that a space is certified as safe for entry.  Tyco Fire & Integrated Solutions can provide Fixed or Portable Gas Detectors to meet your needs.

Fixed Gas Detection

Tyco Fire & Integrated Solutions offer a wide range of fixed gas detectors for flammable, toxic and oxygen gases to suit all applications. Our comprehensive range offers compact and rugged designs, high reliability and flexibility to adapt to specific use requirements.  more

Portable Gas Detection

Tyco Fire & Integrated Solutions can provide Portable Gas Detection together with experienced personnel to undertake this task.  As an alternative we can hire or supply gas detection to meet your specific needs..more