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Portable Gas Detection



Tyco Fire & Integrated Solutions is the premier distributer and certified maintenance provider of Crowcon Monitors, our range of gas detectors will help reduce and monitor the risk of explosion from hydrocarbon gases and vapours, toxic gases, oxygen deficiencies, and enrichment.  We have the ability to deliver items ex stock next day and hold in stock a wide range of parts and accessories.  This is backed up by the ability to order from the entire Crowcon range.

Our dedicated in-house repair workshop offers a service second to none.  Fully trained and experienced personnel specialise in Crowcon gas detection monitors and equipment.  Our vastly experienced team can enable the following:

  • Repair and re-calibration of Portable Gas Detection equipment
  • Premier Distribution
  • Emergency 24 hour turnaround within certain specification
  • Extensive local knowledge and experience
  • Manufacturers parts are stored on site
  • Service Contracts
  • Proven system, that maintains traceability and full service history

"Hire to Suit your Needs"

As part of the Total Hire Fleet Tyco Fire & Integrated Solutions can supply your gas detection hire needs.  If you have a short-term need for multi-gas, area gas or personal monitoring you have the option to hire rather than buy.  Our dedicated team is skilled and experienced providing the following:

  • Large hire fleet available for immediate hiring
  • In house maintenance, certification, and servicing
  • Competitive hire rates
  • Product training available
  • ATEX certified gas detectors
  • 24 hour availability for hiring
Tetra 3

Tetra 3

Intrinsically Safe Personal Multigas Monitor

The Tetra:3 multi-gas monitor is the newest addition to the Tetra family.  Tetra:3's single button operation, small size and weight make it the easiest to use gas detector on the market.  more



Intrinsically Safe Personal Gas Monitors

The Gasman full function personal single gas monitor is compact and lightweight yet is fully ruggedised for the toughest of industrial environments.  more

Triple Plus Plus

Triple Plus +

Intrinsically Safe Portable Multigas Monitors

The Triple plus family has set the standard for portable multigas monitors with their combination of ruggedness, reliability, ease of use, and full flexibility of sensor combinations for flammable gases, oxygen and toxic gases.  more

Triple Plus IR

Triple Plus + IR

Intrinsically Safe Portable Monitors

Triple Plus + IR is the latest version of the Triple Plus + utilising infrared sensing technology for detection and measurement of flammable hydrocarbons.  more

Detective Plus

Detective +

Intrinsically Safe Transportable Gas Monitor

The Detective+ transportable area monitor is based on the highly successful Triple Plus+ and Detective models, building on the reputation, reliability and versatility of its forebears.  more



Detect Methane at distance

The LaserMethane units allow methane detection at a distance in a choice of two handheld packages.  more



A disposable single gas detector, Eikon is a fixed life personal alarm providing two years of maintenance free continuous monitoring... more



Tetra is a single button, reliable and robust multigas monitor with an optional internal pump...more



Gas-Pro is  a compact and rugged confined space entry monitor capable of detecting up to 5 gases...more