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Power Gen / Transmission



A typical waterspray system comprises of a Deluge system control valve, a detection nozzle head or Multiple Control operated detection system and a dedicated water supply system. The size of the Deluge valve, its flow rate, the system water supply pressure and type of detection system are all determined by the size and type of fire risk involved.

Waterspray systems for the Power & Exports market sector fall into two categories, Medium and High Velocity. ProtectoSpray Medium Velocity Waterspray systems are used to protect all areas involved in the production, storage and loading of highly inflammable and flammable liquids and gases. 

Medium Velocity waterspray nozzles can also be used with low expansion foam for small storage tank bund protection, to suppress hazardous chemical vapours that may occur as a result of storage tank rupture.

MulsiFyre High Velocity Water Spray systems are extensively used for the protection of Transformers, Turbo-Alternator Generators, Oil Tanks and pump and cooler equipment involving oils with a flash point above 66oC.

The different types of waterspray systems available are:

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The MulsiFyre system applies water in the form of a conical spray consisting of droplets of water travelling at high velocity. These droplets bombard the surface of the oil to form a mixture of oil and water...more


The ProtectoSpray System is designed to apply water in finely divided droplets travelling at medium velocity to protect vessels, structures and plant against fires, which involve highly flammable liquids and...more