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The advantage of AquaMist® is that mist is achieved at a nozzle pressure of less than 7 bar (101 psi). This low pressure allows AquaMist to use exactly the same design philosophy and components as a traditional system. In addition, large orifices allow the use of seawater with no clogging problems.

Specific savings come from the fact that a minimum of just 12 litres (3.2 gallons) per minute flows from each nozzle. This means reduced pipe diameters, ease of installation, less system weight and minimal water discharge. Low operating pressures also provide the option of using either copper or carbon steel pipework, in addition to stainless steel.

Large AquaMist® droplets have the momentum to penetrate the fire plume and drag the smallest droplets into the combustion zone.  Smaller droplets surround the fire and are pulled into the base of the fire as it draws in oxygen. The smallest droplets cool the gases in the room, strip smoke from the air, and block the transfer of radiant heat. The end result is extinguishment, using considerably less water than a traditional water spray system.

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