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MicroDrop® High Pressure Water Mist Sytems



High Pressure Water Mist is defined in NFPA 750 as a water spray for which the Dv0.99, for the flow-weighted cumulative volumetric distribution of water droplets, is less than 1000 microns at the minimum design operating pressure of the water mist nozzle.

The average droplet size of a Tyco MicroDrop® High Pressure Water Mist System ‘mist’ yield a total surface area at least 100 times greater than conventional sprinkler droplets for the same volume of water. Therefore, much smaller amounts of water are required to absorb the equivalent amount of energy from the fire.

Oxygen depletion at the flame front also takes place locally or in the completely enclosed space, particularly where the fire is large in relation to the space.

Wetting of surfaces is also an important effect where control of deep-seated fires is required. A further highly beneficial effect of MicroDrop® is the dramatic reduction of harmful products of combustion caused by the washing out of smoke particles from the fire.

The different types of systems available are:

MicroDrop - Pump Systems

MicroDrop® High Pressure Water Mist pumped systems operate at 100 – 120 bar and provide a continuous water flow to the nozzles.  These systems are ideally suited to protecting large spaces or fire risks involving ordinary combustibles...more

MicroDrop Cylinder Systems

MicroDrop® High Pressure Water Mist cylinder systems by virtue of the stored water content have a limited time of discharge but are more cost effective for smaller systems than Pump Systems....more