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Power Gen / Transmission



The Tyco Fire & Integrated Solutions MicroDrop® High Pressure Water Mist system is recognised by the major Power and Export customers as the foremost fire protection solution to meet the specialist needs of their industry.

In fact, not only have Tyco been a single sourced provider for over 15 years to the major Power and Export customers, Tyco have also acted as consultants to some of these customers in developing new fire protection technology for them. 

On average, we complete over 50 Water Protection projects each year. Tyco firmly believe that there is no imaginable fire and safety risk within the Power and Export Industry that we have not encountered and neutralised. 

The different types of systems available are:

microdrop nozzles

MicroDrop® High Pressure Water Mist Sytems

High Pressure Water Mist is defined in NFPA 750 as a water spray for which the Dv0.99, for the flow-weighted cumulative volumetric distribution of water droplets...more

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ProtectoMist - Low Pressure Water Mist

Based on over 120 years fire protection experience, the ProtectoMist system has been designed to retain all of the proven performance and reliability of traditional...more