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Confined Space Entry Management & Support



At Tyco Fire & Integrated Solutions, our approach to confined space management is simple and is driven by the desire to prevent accidents from occurring.  Our experienced on-site managers, supervisors and rescue teams set the benchmark for confined space safety.

Focused on Confined Spaces...

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Onsite Confined Space Management

Tyco Fire & Integrated Solutions can help you to understand the risks involved with confined spaces, help identify where they exist, categorise them and help you to manage...more

Confined Space - Supervisor

Confined Space Supervisors and Safety Observers

Even where you have on-site managers and rescue teams, you may identify a need for additional support and assistance...more

Atmosphere Monitoring Confined Space

Atmosphere Monitoring

Tyco Fire & Integrated Solutions have the equipment, knowledge and skills to ensure you meet the requirements for atmosphere monitoring in confined spaces...more

Confined Space Training

Confined Space Entry Training

When it comes to safe working in confined spaces, nothing beats experience.  In Tyco Fire & Integrated Solutions, our trainers have had years of experience working in confined spaces as Rescue Team Leaders...more

Rescue team 1

Rescue Team Management, Support and Training

Confined spaces are some of the most dangerous environments to work in.  Tyco Fire & Integrated Solutions will support you in identifying the risks and help you to plan to suit your requirements including the provision of on-site rescue-team support where required...more