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Deluge Verification



As part of a Total Care Maintenance Program, Tyco Fire & Integrated Solutions provide a unique maintenance program for Onshore & Offshore Deluge Systems.

Deluge Verification

Deluge verification is the testing and maintenance of deluge systems to ensure compliance to design and performance criteria. Tyco Fire & Integrated Solutions provide the best range of services and expertise to meet the desired standards on Deluge Verification...more


Tyco Fire & Integrated Solutions offer de-scaling methods for both firewater systems and process systems.

Firewater Systems

With safety being the key priority on offshore installations, the blocking of deluge pipework and nozzles due to build-up of corrosion and seawater fouling will expose personnel on board to unacceptable risks....more

Process Systems

The deposition of Naturally Occurring Radioactive Materials (NORM) scale within process equipment is an inevitable consequence in the production of oil. Although chemicals are used to minimize scaling there will be a continuing need to clean process equipment and pipework....more