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Offshore Servicing / Integrated Maintenance


Tyco Fire & Integrated Solutions Integrated Maintenance Service provides life cycle maintenance for the majority of fixed and portable fire fighting equipment on an offshore asset. This ensures that this life saving equipment is in the best possible operating condition at all times meeting all statutory and regulatory requirements.

Tyco’s extremely competent and experienced technicians service the equipment offshore supported by 24 hours onshore workshop and technical support. In addition we track and manage the maintenance record via our integrated maintenance database. This can operate along side or independently from the clients Maintenance Management System.

The service can operate as a fully managed fixed priced contract or an adhoc basis.

Fully Managed Service

The benefits of a fully managed system are as detailed below:

  • Implementation of Tyco maintenance routines
  • Tyco provide unique tags for all the lose equipment
  • Database records, maintenance history and scheduled work plans
  • Spares management – provision of spares per maintenance visit managed by Tyco.
  • Monthly reports on status of safety equipment highlighting any areas of non conformance.
  • Tyco hold and manage a buffer stock of equipment to ensure that the client will always have a full complement of safety critical equipment.

Expansion of Service

Tyco can also extend the level and scope of service to cover any of the scopes within the oil and gas division giving Tyco a capability that is truly unique to the Oil and Gas industry.

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